Bra Extender for During Pregnancy to Reuse Your Old Bra

Do you know? During pregnancy, your breast size will constantly keep changing and Women’s Bra Extender can be an alternative to reuse your old bra for a comfortable fit. 

Bra extender can be your perfect solution to use your old bra in the early few days during pregnancy and till breastfeeding. It’s going to be very helpful during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

Let me tell you, in the early pregnancy after conception in-between 5 to 8 weeks you will notice your breast nipple area getting extra sensitive and darker. And you will also notice breasts getting bigger, fuller, and itchy they’ll continue to grow little throughout your pregnancy trimesters.

Once you experience your bra goes smaller back size, feels that too tight or uncomfortable. That means you need to change your bra or use an Extender. Because it is hard to judge in early pregnancy how much your breast will grow and to avoid buying the wrong bra size you can make use of Extender.

So, you can plan to buy Bra Extender this is going to be very helpful during pregnancyafter delivery, and post-pregnancy, as well.

Bra Extender Designed  For: 

Bra extenders are designed with an extra elastic band to increase more length of your Bra, approx in between 5 to 10 Cms depending on the brand that you buy.  A bra extender is a rectangular piece with a hook and eye or loop that can fit in-between between you bra hook and eye or loop for expanding the bra with extra inches.

So, before you plan to buy this bra extender check your old bar hooks and loops because each bra extender has a different Hook and Eye for example 2 Hook – 3 Eye, 3 Hook – 3 Eye, or 1 Hook -1 Eye.  As shown in the image.

Bra Hook Extender with 2 Hook – 3 Eye with Extra Elastic to Increase bra length. Material Composition: Cotton, Elastane, Metal Hooks. Product Link: Two Dots

Bra Extender with 2 Hook – 3 Eye to Reuse Old Bra During Pregnancy by Youryoutubemom


Bra Hook Extender with 3 Hook – 3 Eye with Extra Elastic to Increase bra length. Material Composition: Polyester, Elastane, Metal Hooks.  Product Link:  FIMS

Bra Extender with 3 Hook – 3 Eye to Reuse Old Bra During Pregnancy by Youryoutubemom

Frequently Asked Questions on Bra Extender

  1. In which month of the pregnancy should I buy Bra Extender?

Month 2 of Pregnancy, 1st trimester during pregnancy is a good time to buy the bra extender because your breast size will constantly keep changing and this can be an alternative to reuse your old bra.

  1. How to Use Bra Extender?

Bra extenders are designed in a rectangular piece with 2 hooks and 3 eyes or loops which can fit in-between between your bra hook and eye for expanding bra length with extra inches. 

  1. Is it suitable for any bra?

Yes, you can use all types of bra Normal Bra, Maternity Bra, and Feeding Bra or Nursing Bra.  A maternity bra is designed to offer support to the growing breast, it has a soft cotton lining, and extra layers of fabric with wider straps which will make you breathe easily. The Nursing bra is designed in such a way that you can unsnap your bra with one hand while holding the baby in another hand for feeding the little ones without having to remove any part of your bra.

  1. Is Bra Extender helpful?

Yes, the extra elastic helps you increase bra length. It is designed for new moms to be to use in the different stages of pregnancy, after delivery, and post-pregnancy for a comfortable fit.

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  1. Are these Bra Extenders available online and in nearby stores?

Yes, the product is available on Amazon and also nearby Maternity clothing centers.

  1. How many Bra Extenders will I need during pregnancy?

You will need 12 to 15 pieces these bra extenders are available in a pack of 3 online in 3 different colors like White, Skin, and Black.  It is made of soft material, with no stitch on them you just have to plug the hooks and loops to fit your bra.

Bra Extender for During Pregnancy

I would highly recommend Bra Extenders because it’s worthy to buy for new moms to be.  It’s going to be very useful during all 3 trimesters and during post-pregnancy. I hope this article has been very useful to you.

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