This Mother’s Day We Can Gift a Sanitary Pad to a Needy Woman #SheNeedsPad

Hi, my dear moms to be, today’s article is about #SheNeedsPad. Let me tell you Everteen who has taken a great step towards supporting lockdown affected women by disturbing 1 million sanitary pads to all the women who really need them anywhere in India.

I have Referred, it’s your turn to REFER for Free Pads. If you know of a woman in need of sanitary pads, just fill out details of any woman who does not have access to menstrual hygiene methods during COVID-19 lockdown anywhere in India. With your support, Everteen will send her free sanitary pads on your behalf at their doorsteps, absolutely free.

Share this campaign with your friends through Facebook, What’s App, Instagram, and more.  Your share can help a needy woman get free sanitary napkins from Everteen.

You can support: maids, migrant workers, daily wagers, poor women, orphaned girls, and other women in need usually live in small, dingy localities, with barely a roof to cover their head, and little to claim as privacy. For such women, access to proper menstrual hygiene is much more than just that. By giving them sanitary pads, you are offering them their right to dignity, pride, and health.

Everteen public and private initiatives are predominantly focused on providing food, shelter, medicines, and monetary aid, but female hygiene & health is another critical need that must be addressed at a much larger scale. Which is why we are aiming to distribute one million sanitary pads to such needy women.

If you can then please do sponsor free pads: A campaign of this scale cannot be successful without generous financial support to meet the cost of sanitary napkins, packaging, couriers, and logistics. You can donate as little as Rs.100, but we suggest you add a zero or two more at the end to whatever amount you’re planning to donate. Because every single penny will help make more sanitary pads available to women in need.

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  • About Everteen: Everteen is one of the most popular brands in feminine hygiene. Everteen offers the largest portfolio of feminine hygiene products including premium sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons, intimate wash, intimate hygiene wipes, daily panty liners, bikini line hair remover creme, and vaginal gel. Over the last seven years, Everteen products have been shipped to customers around the world.

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