Frequently Asked Questions on Maternity Pads Postpartum

Hi, these are a few questions that are been asked by new moms to be, and I am sure these FAQs are going to be very helpful for new pregnancy ladies. If you have noticed that I always say every pregnancy body is different and so, as post-pregnancy bleeding and periods. Every person has a different body, different cycle, and a different flow. So, make sure to understand your flow to use the right pads at the right time.

  1. When Should I Start Using Postpartum Pads?

New moms-to-be will experience heavy bleeding immediately right after delivery. So, immediately nurse will provide you one or two pads for use. Later on, you will have to use your own pads. The heavy bleeding will continue for more than 10 days. So, Maternity pads are must have pads for every new mom after childbirth.

  1. How to Use Postpartum NewMom Pads?

It’s the same as the period’s pad that you have been used in the past but this pad helps to control heavy flow. You can use this pad with a Pad fixator or old panties that you can use and throw.

You don’t have to worry about who will wash your dirty panties during post-pregnancy. It a must-have in hospital bag products. Once your flow is normal you can shift to normal panties and pads.

One pad can be used for 3 to 4 hours.  And make sure to change the pad every 3-4 hours. The only issue with this Maternity Pads is that the glue of the strip of the pad at the back is not that strong, the pad doesn’t stick to its place, and the pad may end up getting folded from both sides which may cause discomfort.  So, use the double-tap as shown in the picture and in the video for a secure fit.

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  1. What is Pad fixator?

Pad fixator is like panties which are disposable panties. They are used during post-pregnancy with maternity pads.


  1. Why use Postpartum NewMom Pads and Pad fixator?

NewMom Pad and Pad Fixators are must-have products in the hospital bags. Right, after delivery, a new mother will feel uncomfortable and pain on wearing normal panties due to pain and also due to stitches if C section.  The Pad and Pad Fixators offer a comfortable and hygienic way of holding pads and you don’t have to worry about how will wash your dirty panties during post-pregnancy.

  1. Which month of the pregnancy should I buy Maternity Pads?

Plan to buy it During your 7th month of pregnancy.

  1. Can these sanitary pads be used with normal panties?

Yes, it can be used as the pad sticks to normal panties as well.

  1. Are these Maternity Pads available in online and medical stores?

Yes, the product is available on Amazon and also nearby medical stores.

  1. Can I use Maternity Pads while traveling After Delivery?

Yes, it can be used during traveling.  Just wear Double Panties.

  1. Maternity Pads that are must in a hospital bag?

Yes, are must in the hospital bag

  1. How Many Maternity Pads Will One Need After the Birth?

Two Packs of NewMom Maternity Pads Maxi and One Pack of NewMom Maternity Pad Medi.

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