Female Urination Device Review for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

Hello Beautiful Ladies, Do you know during pregnancy frequent urination is quite common. If you’re going through it then I am sure this article is going to be very helpful to you. 

What is Pee Stand Device or Urination Device?

Pee Stand Device or Urination Device Review By Shweta SharmaPee Stand is a female urination device. With the help of it, women can stand and urinate. Women can use this anywhere they want to use it.

For example – if you going through any medical conditions not able to sit and pee often, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, if you have to use unfriendly public toilets it can be used.

If your pregnant then add-on to your hospital bag list, trust me after delivering your baby this can be used for comfortable use to pee. You just have to stand and place it in the area and pee in the most comfortable way.

In this article, I am sharing product reviews on Pee Buddy Paper-Based Disposable Female Urination Device. Pee buddy is India’s first portable disposable female urination device and it is made in India.  Also Read: Vaginal Pain After Delivery

Benefits of Peebuddy Urination Device 

  • Female Urination Device can be used during pregnancy and during post-pregnancy, this product is going to very helpful to you.
  • If your 3rd-trimester by this time you must have come across frequent urination. Which is quite common during this trimester, sitting down to pee can be a bit uncomfortable but also painful right. So, you can use the Female Urination Device.
  • After vaginal delivery or C-section, you will be in pain, you will feel soreness below there, and due to heavy bleeding. You will face difficulty while urinating. So, you can use the Female Urination Device.
  • If you’re a new mom then you can use it for making postnatal recovery easier. With the help of this pee funnel, you can urinate by standing up and you don’t have to sit for urination and go through the pain.
  • If you have to travel or have to use those dirty and unhygienic public toilets you can use this Urination Device.

Pee Buddy Paper-Based Disposable Female Urination Device Review By Shweta Sharma

Features of Peebuddy

  • It’s made of cardboard and its foldable portable disposable female urination device
  • It is a one-time use product.
  • It fits easily in your purse and pocket.
  • It’s waterproof and can be used easily. You need little practice in the first two uses.
  • Made from water-resistant coated paper and is for single use.
  • Simply use and throw. It’s a Biodegradable product.

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How to Use Peebuddy Disposable Female Urination Device During Pregnancy?

  • Open – Gently press the top front & back to pop open.
  • Place – you don’t have to remove your panties just move your panties aside. Place the open end of the funnel between your legs, right under the flow area.
  • Pee – Tilt your hips, bend a little, make sure the funnel is tilted downwards, relax & pee.
  • After use disposes of in the dustbin. It’s a Biodegradable product.

Where to buy it?

They are available online and in nearby medical stores.

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