How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Do you know? stress can make getting pregnant more difficult. And also a stressful lifestyle and anxiety can make you infertile? If you’re planning to get pregnant then, I am sure this article is going to be helpful to you.

After getting married, one of the most common questions is asked by many is any good news or when are you giving us good news right, Stress starts taking place from there.

If you have planned your pregnancy then for sure you might be relaxed and you know what to answer. If you have not planned then this question is going to build up high in stress. Then you only have sex or get intimated to conceive as soon as possible which is not going to work out. And the second stress is going to take place without your knowledge which is why I am not getting pregnant. The answer is because you’re under stress and this can affect the functioning of brain health and you may sufferer from infertility and ovulation.

So, make sure to be stress-free. And keep yourself positive, says yourself I will get pregnant. These days we have various ways to get pregnant. So, plz relax.

Steps to follow while planning a pregnancy

  • If you both are planning pregnancy by yourself then it’s important to take care of your health first and lifestyle because you have to change your lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy.
  • You should be positive and stress-free, you need to plan for healthy eating, healthy excises like walking or yoga, healthy sleeping, maintain a healthy weight and you should avoid unhealthy eating like junk foods.
  • You both should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re trying through your doctor then she will guide you depending on your both health.

Do you know?  You should understand your periods first for pregnancy planning Or planning to conceive.

To understand your periods to conceive, you should track your Periods, an average cycle length is 28 days and stress can be one of the most common reasons for irregular periods.

Tracking your period which is regular or irregular will help you avoid unwanted period surprises and this will help you in pregnancy planning. During pregnancy planning one of the most important steps is to make a note of your period’s date.

Make sure you track your 3 months period date so that you know an average cycle length to try for pregnancy. Once you understand your periods it will be easy for you to understand your fertility and ovulation.

That’s because, after 5 days of periods, your fertility and ovulation take place only for 24 hours. ‘Fertile window’ is the day an egg is released from the ovary (ovulation). This is what you need to understand while trying for pregnancy.

You can download any period tracker which will help you to track your ovulation.

This, article to be continued, Happy Pregnancy Planning…….