SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Corset Review 

Hello New Moms, I understand it becomes very difficult to reduce pregnancy weight gain.  And belly fat during post-pregnancy. Being a breasting feeding mother.  It’s not at all possible to plan for a strict diet. Also dieting is definitely not recommended after delivery. Because vitamins, proteins, and fats everything your baby needs to grow is present in your breast milk.

Unlike other post-pregnancy women. You might also be worried about how to lose belly fat after pregnancy, right. Worry not because in today’s article. I am sharing review of Dyna SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Corset. This Abdominal Belt After Delivery can be used as a maternity belly band.  For reducing post-pregnancy belly fat, to strengthen the weakened abdominal muscles, and to heal back pain.

Benefits of Women’s Maternity Support Belt During Postpartum

SEGO 4 Panel Abdominal corset can be used as a maternity belly band. To strengthen weakened abdominal walls. SEGO 4 will control and help to tighten abdominal muscles. It will help to shrink the uterus and reduce the belly fat to the original size. After c section back pain is common Sego 4 Panel Belt will support the back, and it will provide extra support while breastfeeding.

While using it, once you start feeling it’s going loss for you then it’s good news. This means your abdominal area is just started shrinking and it’s working for you.

  • The fully elastic construction produces maximum compression and allows for better conformity.
  • Dyna 4 Panel Abdominal Corset will provide support and compression to the abdominal muscles thereby improving blood flow resulting in faster healing of the incision and reduces the swelling of the surgical site.

Amazing Features of SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Corset 

  • SEGO Corset has been designed with four panels.
  • The panel provides compression and support from the strains and weakness of the abdominal area.
  • The four-panel designs help in vertical size adjustments and reduce the rolling.
  • SEGO Corset is made of full elastic with soft material, this will provide comfort and flexibility feel while wearing this belt endlessly.
  • Velcro hook and loop tape compatible elastic allow a closure at any point on the circumference of the folder as shown in the video.
  • Band can be adjusted with the help of velcro hook and loop tape and it will make you appear slimmer.
  • SEGO Belt is made-up of stretch fabric, it is effective in use, has a very soft touch, and easy to wrap.
  • Made of premium, latex-free, breathable, comfortable, high-quality, and lightweight material
    The abdominal belt reduces pain in the area around the surgical incision during laughing or coughing as well.
  • The Binder will stay in place without bunching or slipping and still let you move and function throughout the day.
  • The belt can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to suit each patient’s needs and anatomy.
    Corrects Postpartum Posture

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FAQs: Dyna SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Corset

1. When can I start wearing the SEGO belly band after delivery?

Dyna SEGO Corset can be used after vaginal birth or C-section. This Corset will help in getting your stomach and muscles halfway back to normal.

  • After Normal Delivery: After the 10th day of your vaginal birth
  • After C-Section Delivery: after 30 days of your C-section, after your stitches are healed completely.

2. How useful is this SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Corset?

  • Make sure to use this maternity belt on a regular basis then only it will work for you.
  • Before you start using it you can take-up the measurement of your belly area. And after a month’s time, you can check once. Anyhow while using it you will feel the difference.
  • Wearing in gaps will never work. So, plan before you buy and wear every day.
  • Make sure to handle it with care

3. Can I use this Abdominal Corset after C-section?

Yes, after 30 days of your C-section and after the stitches are healed completely you can start using. It will help flatten the belly area, redefine the waistline, and helps to relieve back pain.

4. What size SEGO 4 Corset should I buy?

One Size Fits Most (CMS 70-130cm). This Elastic Abdominal Corset 4 Panel – Sego 4 is available online. 

5. How to Use SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Belly Belt?

Just follow these easy 5 directions  –

  1. You just have to place at the back then from both sides
  2. Wrap the belt around the abdominal 
  3. Stretch out the ends of the belt
  4. Fasten the hook and loop to close
  5. Avoid wearing it directly on the skin

6. How long should I wear SEGO 4 Maternity Belt after delivery?

You can wear it all day long as per your wish.  But make sure to remove it while having your meals. After food just gives a break of 1 hour.  Remove while sleeping at night. Other instructions will be shared in my upcoming video. Once you start feeling it’s going loss for you that means you’re abdominal area is just started shrinking and helping you.

Pros of SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Belly Belt

  • Overall good value for money it’s affordable
  • Available online
  • Good quality product

Cons of SEGO 4 Panel Elastic Abdominal Belly Belt

  • It might be better if the Velcro hook tape – divided into two parts.

Specifications of Dyna Elastic Abdominal Corset Panel – Sego 4

 Dyna Elastic Abdominal Corset Panel – Sego 4

  • Country of Origin: India
  • Item Weight: 300 g
  • Net Quantity: 1 count
  • Manufacturer: Dynamic Techno Medicals
  • Indications: Post Pregnancy, and Mild low back pain

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