6 Maternity Bras for Pregnancy and Nursing

During pregnancy and post-pregnancy the bra sizes may differ. So make sure to measure yourself on every buy before placing an order or buying by outlet. I would highly recommend Maternity Bra and Bra Extenders because it’s worthy to buy for new moms to be. 

Bra extender can help you reuse your old bars because your breast size will constantly keep changing and this will help to reuse your old bras. It’s going to be very useful during all 3 trimesters and during post-pregnancy. I hope this article has been very useful to you.

The Best Maternity Bras for 2020 that you can buy online are listed below. The product shared in this article and video is not sponsored. 

1. Motherly Padded Women Breastfeeding Bra, Maternity, Feeding, Nursing Bras

  1. Bra material is 94% cotton + 6% Spandex.
  2. Motherly Padded Women Breastfeeding Bra is designed for breastfeeding.
  3. The bra has a 4-inch wide sideband to conceal armpit fat and produce support and coverage. The bra can be easily unsnapped with an adjustable strap in front.
  4. The bra has a sweat-resistant and easy breathable cup
  5. Non-padded Bra
  6. Perfect for feeding mothers because it has coverage hidden panel that offers support while you’re feeding.
  7. Check the Price https://amzn.to/2Ze3Xpe

Motherly Padded Women Breastfeeding

2. Triumph Women’s Non-wired, Padded Maternity Bra

  1. The bra material is 58%, Polyamide 27%, and polyester 15%.
  2. Padded Maternity is a non-wired bra with soft cups and has full coverage.
  3. Triumph Maternity Bra has thin padded cups, front buckles for easy feeding that contrast Lining.
  4. High coverage hidden panel offers support while you’re feeding during post-pregnancy.
  5. Check the Price https://amzn.to/35KTJ1V

3. Enamor Women’s Non-Wired Nursing Bra

  1. Has padded and Non-Wired Nursing Bra that provides comfort while baby feeding
  2. This padded bras hidden panel offers support while you’re feeding
  3. Made from Eco melange cotton fabric with an anti-microbial finish
  4. It protects you from rashes & infections.
  5. Check the Price https://amzn.to/392eFUf

4. Mee Mee Women’s Full Cup Maternity Nursing Feeding Bra

  1. Non -padded
  2. Broad shoulder straps for cozy uplift.
  3. Uniquely styled for a perfect fit, added comfort, and full bust coverage
  4. Perfect coverage and smooth fit, smooth cup design gives a more natural profile
  5. High coverage hidden panel offers support while you’re feeding
  6. Check the Price https://amzn.to/2MiFdqu

5. Clovia Women’s Cotton Non-Padded Non-Wired Maternity Bra

  1. It’s a Non-Padded and Wire-free bra. 
  2. To be hand-washed, avoid using bleach and make sure to dry in shade.
  3. It has adjustable shoulder straps.
  4. It has a full cup opening on the front for handy for feeding purposes.
  5. To click the price click on the link Maternity Bra for Pregnancy.  
  6. After adding the product to the cart. Apply this Partner Code shwetaytm to get an extra 5% discount over and above all running offers.  Link: https://bit.ly/3daAaFT

Clovia Women's Cotton Non-Padded Non-Wired Maternity Bra By Shweta Sharma

6. Morph Maternity Women’s Pull-On Nursing Bra/Night Feeding Bra

  1. It can be used at night times for sleeping purposes.
  2. The bra soft straps sit comfortably on your shoulders and leave no marks on your skin.
  3. Made up of Hosiery Fabric with soft elastic – 95% Cotton and 5 % Spandex.
  4. You just have to cross over the neckline for easy nursing.
  5. Check the Price https://amzn.to/2ZoZoZj


Buy Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras Nearby Outlets

Here goes the list of 6 Maternity outlets where you can buy Maternity dresses and Bra’s for pregnancy and after pregnancy are –

  1. Mother Care Outlet
  2. First cry Outlet
  3. Me n Moms Outlet
  4. Mother care Outlet
  5. Zivame Outlet
  6. Clovia Outlet
Bra Extender to Reuse Your Old Bra During Pregnancy


Follow these steps before you buy BreastFeeding bras online or from the outlets

First, you need a measurement tape, take measurements in centimeters. Make a note on a paper. And always remember each time you buy a new bra during pregnancy and post-pregnancy measurements are important.

 Step 1: Measure Over-Bust size

Just use a soft tape, hold it tight from the back but not too tight in the front. Then measure completely around the bust at the fullest point.

Step 2: Measure Under-Bust size

Then measure around the rib under the bust make sure to hold the tape tight, from edge to edge with no space between your tape and your body.

Step 3: Check to Refer Size Chart

Each online store offers you a bra size calculator. Check the online store of your brand for the bra size calculator to know your size and the sizing chart will show where you will find your right bra size, for example, 32b, 34d, etc.

 Step 4: Return policy

Before placing an order check the return policy of the brand product.

 Step 4: From Outlet

If you’re buying from the outlets then make sure to take help from the trained bra-fitter, she will help you find the right fit. Give it a try and then pick it up. Ask for a return policy as well.

Know what color bras one should buy during pregnancy 

Do you know the most preferred bra colors are a white color bra, black color bra, cream color bra, and beige color bra? Because these are the 4 colors that can be suitable for any dresses you wear.

How to buy the right size bra during pregnancy and post-pregnancy?

  1. The comfortable fit of a bra is very important, so look for a brand for comfortable wear.
  2. Look for stretchy fabric with wide straps and sides check the fit under-bust once.
  3. Look for a 4 hooks adjustability bra that will support your growing Breast during pregnancy.
  4. Coverage of the cups of the bra should cover most of your breasts area. Make sure the hook set at the first set of loops which can make plenty of room for growing Breasts.
  5. Nursing Bra, you can also buy it from the outlets. A trained bra-fitter at the outlet shall help you find the right fit.
  6. Nursing Bra you can also buy it from the online store make sure to check the chart list and read the reviews to select the right fit.
  7. A padded Nursing Bra can be very helpful at the time of leaky boobs and baby slobber.
  8. Nursing Bra is designed in two different styles padded and non-padded. So, it’s upon you which one you want to buy.
  9. Maternity Bra is designed in two different styles padded and non-padded. So, it’s upon you which one you want to buy. 

Buy Maternity Bras and BreastFeeding Bras Online Stores

Here goes the list of 10 Maternity online Stores for buying Maternity dresses and bras for pregnancy are -Maternity Bra and Nursing bras are available online and I love bra from enamor.

  1. www.amazon.in
  2. www.zivame.com
  3. www.clovia.com
  4. www.myntra.com
  5. www.nykaa.com/lingerie-online
  6. www.enamor.co.in
  7. www.morphmaternity.com
  8. www.firstcry.com
  9. www.fabindia.com
  10. www. Mothercare. in
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