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What is a Maternity bra?

  • A maternity bra is designed to offer support to the growing breast. It can also be used during post-pregnancy.
  • Maternity bras are made with soft cotton lining and extra layers of fabric with wider straps. Which will make you breathe easily.
  • These bras have an extra feature like panels which can be opened to expose the nipples for breastfeeding with good cup coverage.
  • Maternity Bras are designed in such a way that you can easily feed your baby anywhere and anytime. Without feeling shy while feeding your baby.

When to buy Maternity Bras during Pregnancy?

In third month pregnancy in-between weeks 9 to 12. You can plan to buy 2 or more Maternity Bra or Nursing Bra. But before you buy a bra, measure your band and bust size. This will help you buy the right-fitting bra.

It is hard to judge how much your breast will grow particularly while milk comes in. So, the third trimester in-between 28 to 40 weeks is the right time to purchase two more nursing bras. Remember each and every pregnancy is different you make notice pregnancy symptoms or you may not.

Maternity Bra for post pregnancy By Youryoutubemom

Maternity Bra Size Calculator India

Make sure to take a fit test before buying the Bra online. Click on the link for Bra Size Calculator to find the right fitting bra.  Remember after adding the product to the cart. Apply this Partner Code shwetaytm to get an extra 5% discount. Even if offers are going on you will get a discount on running offers.

  • Site link: Once the website gets opened. Then click on bras top left side. On the right side, you will find a fit test.
  • Click on it and after that, you will see this question what bra size are you most comfortable in? Click on the answer to get the right guidance.
  • After adding the product to the cart. Apply this Partner Code shwetaytm to get an extra 5% discount.

Maternity Bras for Pregnancy & Post Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your bra size may vary each month and also till you stop feeding your baby. So, here I am sharing in the detailed article all about Maternity Bras for pregnancy. And also all about Maternity Bras for post-pregnancy.

Do you know? It’s very common before planning to buy a bra. The first question that comes to mind is Finding out the right bra size, right? So, here in this article  am sharing How to buy a right bra size for you. When to buy bra during pregnancy? Which month to buy maternity bra? In which trimesters to buy bra? etc

What is a Maternity Bra?

Pregnancy Trimesters:

Pregnancy is divided into three-month segments, known as Trimesters. First trimester, Second trimester, and Third trimester. Click to read more :

Breast Changes During Pregnancy Week by Week

In the early pregnancy in-between weeks 2 to 3, you will notice changes to the breast after conception and it is one of the earliest symptoms in pregnancy before missed period.

  • Let me tell you, in a few weeks’ time in between 5 to 8 weeks you will notice your breast nipple area getting extra sensitive and darker.
  • You will also notice breasts getting bigger, fuller, and itchy they’ll continue to grow little throughout your pregnancy trimesters.
  • This is the time where your Old Bra may make you feel uncomfortable. So, you can plan to buy Bra Extender. With the help of Bra Extender, you can reuse your old bar.
  • Avoid buying a new bra because it is hard to judge in early pregnancy how much your breast will grow and avoid buying the wrong bra size you can make use of Extender.

What is Bra Extender?

Bra extenders are small pieces of fabric. It is designed with hook and eye closures to increase the extra length of your old bras. You need to just attach it to your current bra to extend the length of the band. It’s just an elastic band to increase more length from the back. Bra Extender can be used with nursing or feeding bras with a bra that has a broader Bra back.

  • If you’re using Bra that has 4 Hooks with Eyes.  Then buy a bra extender of 4 Hooks with 4 Eyes.
  • If you’re using Bra that has 3 Hooks with Eyes. Then buy a bra extender of 3 Hooks with 3 Eyes.
  • If you’re using Bra that has 2 Hooks with Eyes. Then buy a bra extender of 2 Hooks with 2 Eyes.

Make sure before you plan to buy a bra extender. Check with your old bar hooks with loops. Each bra extender is designed with a different Hook with Eye.

Online Bras During Pregnancy

What Size Maternity Bra Should I Buy?

Make sure during pregnancy to add one cup size. And also one back size onto your usual pre-pregnancy bra size that is an old bra. For example: If you usually wear a 32B, start by trying a 34C. When you wear, you should feel comfortably secure in the tightest setting. In this way, you can give plenty of room to adjust the fit as the breast grows.

5 Best Bra Size Calculator

  • Clovia Bra Size Calculator:
  • Jockey Bra Size Calculator:
  • Zivame Bra Size Calculator:
  • Shyaway Bra Size Calculator:
  • Medela Nursing Bra Size Chart

Follow these steps before you buy Breastfeeding bras online or from the outlets

  • First, you need a measurement tape, take measurements in centimeters.
  • Make a note on a paper.
  • Taking measurements is important each time when you plan to buy a new bra during pregnancy.
  • Taking measurements is important each time when you plan to buy a new bra post-pregnancy.

How to Determine Maternity Bra Size?

 Step 1: Measure Over-Bust

Just use soft tape. Make sure to hold it tight from the back but not too tight in the front. Then measure completely around the bust at the fullest point.

Step 2: Measure Under-Bust

It’s time to measure around the rib under the bust. Make sure to hold the tape tight, from edge to edge with no space between your tape and your body.

Step 3: Check to Refer Size Chart Online

These days every online store offers you a bra size calculator. Check the online store of your brand for the bra size calculator to know your size and the sizing chart will show where you will find your right bra size, for example, 32b, 34d, etc.

 Step 4: Return policy

Before placing an order check the return policy of the brand product.

 Step 4: From Outlet

If you’re buying from the outlets then make sure to take help from the trained bra-fitter, she will help you find the right fit. Give it a try and then pick it up. Ask for a return policy as well.

Click on the link to find the right fitting bra.  Apply this Partner Code shwetaytm to get an extra 5% discount.

What color bras one should buy during pregnancy? 

The most preferred bra colors are a white color bra, black color bra, cream color bra, and beige color bra because these are the 4 colors that can be suitable for any dresses you wear.

How to buy the right size bra during pregnancy?

  • A padded Nursing Bra can be very helpful at the time of leaky boobs and baby slobber. So, look for stretchy fabric with wide straps and sides check the fit under-bust once.
  • Nursing Bra is designed in two different styles padded and non-padded. So, it’s upon you which one you want to buy.
  • Look for a 4 hooks or 3 hooks adjustability bra that will support your feeding Breast during post pregnancy.
  • Coverage of the cups of the bra should cover most of your breasts area. So,that it can be easy to feed.
  • Make sure the hook set at the first set of loops which can make plenty of room for growing Breasts.

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