Maternity Clothing  Tips for Indian Weddings and Festivals

Hello moms-to-be! Here are some Maternity Clothing ideas that you can plan to wear during pregnancy.

If you have a question what are the best Indian outfits. To wear during pregnancy for attending the Indian wedding. Let if b of a friend or family member or on any Indian festival. Then I am sure this article is going to help you and give some ideas that you can pick from your own Wardrobe.

Indian weddings and festivals are one of the most celebrated and loved festivals in an Indian family. Each and every person in the family and friends plan what to wear, how to style and look the best of all.

But during pregnancy, once you start showing up to the world that you’re pregnant is going to make you noticed by each and every one. It’s always said by our elders to wear comfortable clothing during pregnancy and due to change in your complete look selecting a comfortable outfit becomes challenging.

These days we have so many options you can buy maternity dresses online or at a nearby store, or you can even pick an outfit from your own wardrobe. To make your pregnancy look more special on the Occasion and to capture the moment I have come up with the following ideas that will make you look very beautiful, this will give you an idea either to wear Silk Sarees or Designer Anarkali Dresses.

1. Sarees

Things You Should Remember When Wearing a Sari During Pregnancy

Let me tell you carrying a Saree in the last trimester may be difficult. If you’re planning to wear a saree then plan for a small print sarees with the thin border or no borders sarees this will give you a taller and a leaner appearance. Plan for single pleats, which will help you cover your belly if you wish to pleat your saree then make sure to keep 3 cm wide pallu which will help you cover your belly. Avoid wearing heavy embroidery sarees and broad borders sarees.

2. Anarkali Dress

An Anarkali Dress with a higher than the waist can give you a gorgeous look and instead of wearing necklaces or long earrings, you can wear the dupatta. You can also mix and match your look, explore the different combinations you can put together from inside your wardrobe.

3. Evening Gown

These days Evening Gowns are in trend and you can flatter with this smart choice too if you like to wear Indo-Western outfits. Then, I am sure you will look smart and feel comfortable in this look. You can pair it with subtle jewelry or no jewelry with simple makeup for attending an Indian wedding or party.