All about Maternity Pads and Sanitary Pads for Post Pregnancy Bleeding

Maternity pads are used during post-pregnancy for heavy bleeding. Right after delivery, you will bleed for 10 days. Depending on your flow and days of flow you can change your pads. Let me tell you I  have already written a full detail article and uploaded a video on my youtube channel about the product. 

In this article, I have shared about when to use Maternity Pads and when to use Regular Sanitary Pads after Post Pregnancy. After delivery as per my experience, you will have very heavy bleeding the flow, will need heavy pads, so here goes the list of Maternity Pads that can be used during post-pregnancy.

1. NewMom Maternity Pads

On the top of the list is NewMom Maternity Pads these pads are very soft in use and its non-irritating product. It has a good absorption capacity which is made up of Super Absorbic Polymer (SAP) so no need to worry often to change the pads or frequently.

It helps in control a large amount of flow, which converts it into a gel-like substance and thereby keeps the area clean and dry.  It’s very soft and has an extra length and width compared to normal pads prevents back and side flow. And with this, you can use a maternity pad fixator.

New mom disposable pad fixator is a disposable panty for post-pregnancy it can be used with NewMom Maternity Pads.  Also Read: New Mom Disposable Maternity Pad Fixator for Post Pregnancy Bleeding

Let it be normal delivery or C section a woman will feel uncomfortable and pain on wearing normal panties. C section delivery you want be able to use panties because the stitches will hurt.

So, this disposable Newmom disposable pad fixator can be used instant of panties.  Disposable Newmom Disposable Pad Fixator and Newmom Maternity Pads are designed for post-pregnancy bleeding. The guidance is based on my personal experiences. Every pregnancy is different and every post-pregnancy experience can be different.

These New mom Maternity pads are available in two different styles Maxi pads and Medi Pads. The one I have ordered is a pack of 5 maternity pads. 1 pad can be used for 3 to 4 hours.  You can change the pad every 3-4 hours once.

2. NewMom Maternity Pads for First 3 days after delivery

The Maxi pad is designed for the first 3 days after delivery & the absorption capacity is nearby 850ml. These pads can be used with Pad fixator.

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3. NewMom Maternity Pads for 4th day onwards after delivery

The Medi pad is designed for 4th day onwards & absorption capacity is nearby 450ml. These pads can be used with Pad fixator.

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4. Kotex Overnight Panties for 5th onwards after delivery  – Regular Sanitary Pads

Let me tell you, Kotex Overnight Panties can also be used during post-pregnancy for heavy bleeding. These Overnight panties are disposable panty, used for heavy bleeding during post-pregnancy, and as well during periods. 

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5. Whisper Pads for 8 to 10 days after delivery – Regular Sanitary Pads

These pads can be used in the last week of your post-pregnancy bleeding. One pad works for 3-4 hours without changing.  These pads are designed especially for heavy periods. These pads provide five times better protection and longer which helps provide more coverage at the back. You can use New mom disposable pad fixator with this pad as well. 

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6. Sofy Cool in-Between 8 to 10 days after Delivery – Regular Sanitary Pads

These pads can be used on the last 3 days of your post-pregnancy bleeding. One pad works for 3-4 hours without changing. It has a longer coverage at the back. Sofy Cool is India’s first cool napkin that product clams it. One can use Newmom disposable pad fixator with this pad as well. 

7. Bella Herbs Panty Liners for Discharges, Spotting between Periods – Regular Sanitary Pads

These panty liners are a unique line of panty liners with herbal extract of verbena known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it softens irritations and regulates the menstrual cycle. Bella panty liners recommended for everyday use, but also in case of discharges, spotting between periods, first and last days of the period, during pregnancy and with tampons as additional protection. It is five inches long with a very thin layer that has no wings.

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I would highly recommend maternity pads because it’s worthy to buy for new moms to be.  It’s going to be very useful during post-pregnancy and above all that this product is very comfortable to wear you will love it for sure! I hope this article was very useful to you. I always say every pregnancy body is different and so, has post-pregnancy bleeding and periods. As each woman and girls have a different body, different cycle, and a different flow. So, make sure to understand your flow to use the right Pads.

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