Fact about Pomegranate During Pregnancy

Pomegranates are packed with the goodness of health benefits. But then to during pregnancy is it safe, is the question, right?

Yes, pregnant women can drink pomegranate juice. But are advised to avoid taking pomegranate seed extracts. One can drink the juice without seeds. During your 1st month, 2nd month, and 3rd month if you want to eat pomegranate then you can eat but avoid eating its seeds to avoid trigger premature contractions.

What are the Benefits of Pomegranate During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, if your suffering from anemia then pomegranate may help prevent iron-deficiency because pomegranates are rich sources of vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron.

  • The fruit is also rich in fiber which helps balance the digestive system and prevent constipation during pregnancy and other problems.
  • Pomegranate is a rich source of folate which is essential for the proper development of the baby.
  • The fruit has lots of potassium which is an essential nutrient during pregnancy.
  • Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants that help fight the damage caused by disease-causing free radicals.

Drinking Pomegranate Juice During

  • Let me also tell you, pomegranate juice is a great source of Vitamin K.
  • Pomegranate juice without seeds can also potentially help reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy.
  • Pomegranate also helps with nausea during early pregnancy.

I strongly recommend pregnant women taking advice from their doctor before you consume pomegranate.

What are the Risks of Eating Pomegranate During Pregnancy?

I strongly recommend speaking with your doctor if you are a pregnant woman. The following are some of the health risks

  • During pregnancy, one should avoid the consumption of pomegranate extract.
  • The outer cover of pomegranate has compounds that can potentially trigger premature contractions.

Pomegranate During Pregnancy By Shweta Sharma

How to Consume Pomegranate During Pregnancy?

  • Make sure to buy the fruit during the season.
  • When buying off-season then make sure that you choose carefully.
  • Remember to soak Pomegranate in water for almost about 20 to 15 minutes before use.

Disclaimer: This information is just a guide. Please note, your portion consumed will depend on your body weight, this meal plan is to ensure a balanced diet that helps you in healthy eating during pregnancy. This content is created to share my personal experiences. The content work protected under copyright law. As each pregnancy is different recommendations on this website and channel may not work for you. So, please consult your doctor before taking any medication before trying. e. Plz contact us directly at [email protected]