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Now it’s very easy to calculate Pregnancy Due Date, If you have missed your periods, that is last month’s period. Then pregnancy can be estimated with the help of this Calculator. Last menstrual period date and period length are commonly used for confirming pregnancy and to calculate.  I have given an example for you on how to calculate your last month’s period to confirm your pregnancy week. Below I have shared a video on How to Calculate Your Pregnancy by Weeks, Months & Trimesters

For Example – if 1 December 2019 was your first day of last month period. You both involved in lovemaking in December and in the month of January you missed your period. And your pregnancy gets confirmed that you’re pregnant. So, as per pregnancy rules, the First day of LMP date counts as Zero Week Pregnant – 1 December 2019 is counted has first-week pregnancy as per you but you’re in your zero week pregnancy. So, here you’re in your zero weeks.

As given below you will be one week pregnant during your second week. It’s all that you have to put one week behind you and start the count from another week.

  • In your first week you are – zero week’s pregnant
  • In your second week you are – one week pregnant
  • In your third week you are – two weeks pregnant
  • In your fourth week you are – three weeks pregnant
  • In your fifth week you are – four weeks pregnant, here is where your pregnant gets confirmed.

So, you’re in First-month pregnancy which is called as 1st Trimester. The given trimester’s chart is going to help you understand weeks into months.  You can find out your pregnancy weeks and estimated due date by using Your YouTube Mom pregnancy calculator accurately. Watch the video for more  [vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK82j_dSffY” el_width=”50″ title=”How to Calculate Your Pregnancy by Weeks, Months & Trimesters”][/vc_column][/vc_row]