Snowie Soft Crinkle Baby Cloth Books for 0-6 Months

Snowie Soft Crinkle Baby Cloth Books for Babies Toddlers


About Baby Cloth Book

  • This baby book is super interesting with its characters, to make your baby’s attention.
  • The bright colors help to develop a baby’s sensory awareness.
  • This book is Handmade from soft polyester. Special cloth design, durable, washable, and not easy to be torn.
  • Baby will love the colorful pictures and soft pages.
  • You don’t need to worry about your baby licking and biting. It also can exercise your baby’s ability to grip and rub.

Baby Cloth Book:

Baby cloth book Review:


The flaps on each page will give your child a hand to practice turning the page and move to the next one. The baby cloth book is absolutely safe, non-toxic, and tasteless. This soft baby cloth book is the perfect bedtime story for little ones.

  • You can look at the image it has a hook ring on the side of the book.
  • In this book first the page has a whole page of crinkle paper.
  • The wings of the second page is crinkle paper.
  • The third page of book pony has crinkle paper.
  • The leaves of the fourth page have crinkle paper.
  • The fifth page has a large safety mirror.
  • The Material of this Book: Nontoxic Fabric Soft Cloth

Pricing Disclaimer: Product price may vary as per the deal.

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