Saffron Brand for Pregnant Ladies in India

Let me tell you, Baby’s skin color is genetic. The baby’s complexion depends purely on you and your husband’s genes. As per me, complexion should not matter. Selecting the Best Saffron Brand During Pregnancy can be a little difficult, right. So, here I am sharing information about the Saffron to buy. 

Pregnant ladies can start taking Saffron from the fifth month of pregnancy (i.e second trimester). Saffron can be added to food or can be added into milk.

  • Kesar should be soaked in one cup of milk  (for 4 hours to 8 hours ) 
  • During pregnancy make a note to drink Saffron milk on alternative days only.

In pregnancy make sure only 3 to 4 threads of saffron can be used in milk. Because too much intake of saffron during pregnancy can cause other complications such as dizziness.  

  • One can either soak saffron in lukewarm Milk / Water. 
  • If in case you face difficulty in digesting saffron milk then you can add a few strands of Kesar in your cooking that to only alternative days. 

Top 5 Best Quality Saffron or Kesar Brands in India

1 House of Saffron 

“House of Saffron.”The Brand House of Saffron is Certified Grade A1 “Premium  Original ” Kashmir Mogra Saffron is also known as Mongra Saffron. This saffron is safe to be used by pregnant ladies. House of Saffron is of premium quality and lab tested and is certified.

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2 The Gathering Spanish Saffron Brand

The Gathering of Saffron is the most popular brand in the USA, Organic and Kosher Certified Comes with European Certificate of analysis ISO 3632-2.2011 Certified Results are much higher than ISO Standard for Picrocrocine (taste-bitterness).

The gathering of Saffron is 100% pure saffron. It will help you to obtain numerous health benefits. The gathering of Saffron can also work as a skin beauty enhancer.

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3 Upakarma Kashmiri Saffron 

The Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar is a blend of pure and premium saffron, 100% Authentic. Upakarma is Certified Grade -I Premium A++ Kashmiri Saffron. The Saffron is a natural antioxidant known to provide a host of benefits, including improved heart health, increased energy levels, and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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4 Keynote Kashmir Saffron

The Keynote Kashmir Saffron is packed in food-grade inert airtight glass jars with dual-layered tight tin caps. Keynote Kashmir Saffron is 100% Pure Kashmir Saffron Threads which is certified by IS5453 Standard. It is tried and tested in European markets by chefs and confectioners.

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5 Noor Saffron

The Noor Brand Saffron offers natural & pure without any additives: 100% Pure Kashmir Saffron Threads. Saffron is an FSSAI certification product. 

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How to test saffron or Kesar while or after buying?

Best Saffron Brand During Pregnancy by Shweta Sharma

  • Make sure to spit the threads onto a clean tissue paper and rub 3 or 4 threads of saffron inside the tissue.
  • If the color of the tissue gets yellow, you are buying the real saffron.
  • Buy branded packets, which are ISI marked and government approved.
  • Always remember to read the label and check the expiry dates.

Disclaimer: Please note, your portion consumed will depend on your body weight, this meal plan is to ensure a balanced diet that helps you in healthy eating during pregnancy. This channel is created to share my personal experiences. As each pregnancy is different recommendations on this channel may not work for you.

So, please consult your doctor before taking any medication before trying. The content work protected under copyright law.  Please contact us directly at [email protected]