How to Wear a Saree During Pregnancy 

In this article, I am sharing a silk saree look with a front open pallu style for Godh Bharai or baby shower. If you’re looking for Godh Bharai Saree look then I am sure this article and my video will help you. I am sharing a few easy steps on how to wear Saree with my DIY maternity petticoat. I have also shared a few images for Indian maternity photoshoot ideas and maternity photo shoot ideas indoor.

This sari is very special to me because I wore this Saree on my pre-wedding day for my Mehendi ceremony. The Saree is beautifully hand-embroidered with Aari work and its Silk Saree in Green.

What is Godh Bharai?

Godh Bharai is a very special occasion for a pregnant woman during her pregnancy, where members of the family bless Mom-to-be for a healthy pregnancy and Baby. Let me tell you, In India Godh Bharai is a ceremony called a Baby Shower and also Seemantham.  In some parts of north India, Godh Bharai is organized during the seventh month of pregnancy and in some parts of South India, it is organized in the fifth, seventh, or ninth month of pregnancy.

Tips on Wearing Saree During Pregnancy

Tips on Wearing Saree During Pregnancy by Shweta Sharma

1. How to pick Saree During Pregnancy for Godh Bharai?

Make sure to pick loose fabrics without heavy embroidery because you might suffer from itchy and make feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Choose lightweight and soft fabrics like soft silk, cotton, chiffon, or Georgette because these fabrics are comfortable, easier to drape. These fabrics look beautiful on your pregnant body. Make sure to choose a Saree with thin borders and small prints like floral patterns.


2. Give it a Trial before Godh Bharai: How to wear Saree During Pregnancy

If you are planning to wear a Saree on Godh Bharai then let me tell you, it will help you if you just give it a trial. Drape your Saree over your Baby Bump. After wearing it just walk around, sit in it and look for different pallu styles. In this way, you will learn how to wear Saree during pregnancy, and you will know how comfortable you will be in a sari on that special day.

3. Check with your Saree’s Blouse

Saree’s blouse may not fit you. Look for an option. I don’t fit into this saree’s blouse, so here I am wearing this saree with a short Kurti. Kurti is very comfortable and during pregnancy, it is good to wear a little loose blouse.

4. Know about Maternity Petticoat

Let me tell you, your present petticoat may not fit you. Look for an option to buy a long Petticoat or buy a maternity petticoat. If you can then just DIY a maternity petticoat this will help you. 

5. Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Indoor 

  1. During pregnancy, when you wear a Saree it’s not only you look graceful and elegant, but your baby bump will also look truly beautiful. Actually, we try to hide the baby bump, right. But at the time of the Maternity Photo-shoot just give it a hug and show love and care because you will miss it once your baby is in this world.

Maternity Photo shoot Ideas Indoor by Shweta Sharma

2. I must say sarees are a symbol of cultural pride and it’s an evergreen attire for every occasion that you plan to wear. But saree draping during pregnancy can make you look truly beautiful.

How to pick Saree During Pregnancy for Godh Bharai by Shweta Sharma

3. Pregnant women will look truly elegant in saree when worn the right way. Tying Saree above the baby bump will make you feel very comfortable.  

How to wear Saree During Pregnancy by Shweta Sharma

4. The pregnancy saree blouse should be soft, comfortable, and loose because it will help you feel better on the skin.  Itching is common in pregnancy, you might not feel good if your blouse is tight. 

Silk Saree During Pregnancy by Shweta Sharma

3 Steps to follow to wear a Silk Saree During Pregnancy

The Resources that you need :

  • Saree with blouse
  • DIY maternity petticoat
  • Jutti
  • Bindi
  • Bangles
  • Earrings/Jhumkis / Jewellery
  • Decorative hair accessories
  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins

Step 1: Blouse and Petticoat  

  1. First, wear the saree blouse with a petticoat
  2. Pick the shoes that you want to wear with the saree.
  3. Wear your petticoat over your Baby Bump.

Step 2: Hairstyle and Makeup for Baby Shower

Get ready with your hairstyle and makeup with Bindi. Wear your necklaces but don’t wear Bangles and Earrings.

Step 3: How to drape saree during pregnancy

  1. it’s an option, make a knot on the top corner of the saree and then tuck the knot right side of the petticoat. In this way, you will feel secured. watch my video.
  2. From right to left complete one around. After this tuck in the fabric around the waist into the petticoat and take around to pin your pallu on the left shoulder and pin it.
  3. Now come back to your hip area. Fix the saree border on the Baby bump with very soft hands and pin it up in a V shape.
  4. Then come towards the extra fabric hanging on the right hip. Just leave some extra fabric. It’s time to hold the saree tightly at one side with your thumbs and pinky finger.
  5. Stretch the saree, hold it in between your index and middle fingers about 4 inches wide to Pleat them. Make about 4 to 6 pleats. Then adjust them until they are even and straight. After that pin the pleats and just tuck the pleats into the petticoat above the baby bump.
  6. Now go back to the left shoulder that is one corner of the pallu pleat, remove the pin and adjust the pallu over the left shoulder and pin it again.
  7. Wear your Earrings and Bangles. You’re done and ready for the Godh Bharai function.

Disclaimer: Shared images are under my copyright. Before using it please do let us know about it. This website and channel are created to share my personal experiences. As each pregnancy is different recommendations on this channel may not work for you. So, please consult your doctor before taking any medication before trying. The content work protected under copyright law. The background music in the video is taken from the royalty-free site.  Please contact us directly at [email protected]


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