Shweta Sharma as Your YouTube Mom

Shweta Sharma  an Indian YouTuber at Your YouTube Mom

Your Youtube Mom is an Indian youtube channel that provides information on pregnancy care, post-pregnancy care, pregnancy diet related information, skincare during pregnancy, maternity care products, and pregnancy-related products review, etc.

Shweta shares her personal experience to help new moms-to-be. She produces her content with a lot of research work and provides in-depth information. Let it be blog posts or video content. She gives her 100% and shares honest reviews.

Shweta Sharma is from New Delhi, born on August 12, 1986. Shweta is an Indian parenting blogger and YouTuber at Your YouTube Mom with a good number of views and subscribers on her youtube channel. Shweta Sharma is also a CEO at YourWebSeo, Digital Marketing Institute her own company.

She says “Each and every pregnancy story is different” and “Each and every pregnancy body is different.” So, never compare your pregnancy with anyone – Shweta Sharma

Qualification: She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. She worked as a content specialist for print media and then as an editor. She graduated from Vijaya College Jayanagar (BHS FGC)Bangalore University. Shweta achieved her dream as a writer then editor and as a Youtuber and now she is looking to become a Dietitian. Her Dietetics & Nutrition Course is midway.

Story Behind Shweta’s Channel :

Shweta Sharma and Vijay Sharma

Shweta Sharma and Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma, her husband created her YouTube channel by name Your YouTube Mom in the year 2016. She started publishing videos in Hindi and English talking about pregnancy and post-pregnancy information, reviews, unboxing, etc. Her videos are very helpful and informative, and her way of presenting is very easy to understand for anyone.

In the year 2012, after 5 years of her sister’s marriage. Shweta’s sister got first time pregnant. Both the sister had lost mom at a very young age, she was just 14 years. After her mom’s death, both the sisters were pillar for each other.

She had no elderly person at home to take care of her pregnant sister.  Sister’s pregnancy had lots of ups and downs. She found very little information on pregnancy and post-pregnancy online.

And this is where her sister’s pregnancy turned into a dream, she decided after her marriage she will plan a YouTube channel to share her experience about pregnancy for women who are struggling and looking for resources to help themselves for a healthy pregnancy like her.

She shared her dream with Vijay. On 13 October 2016, he surprised her by creating a YouTube Channel for her, and also he gave a name to her channel by himself as “Your YouTube Mom”.

 Know her Facts and Likes

Shweta Sharma belongs to a Brahmin Family and her birthplace is Karnataka, Bangalore. She loves South Indian Cuisine. She likes dressing up in Formals and Gowns. Her favorite color is White, Black, and Blue. Her hobbies include reading, loves nature, and her favorite places are Waterside Destinations. She is very crazy about oxidized jewelry. She loves wearing them and collecting them.

 "Each and every pregnancy story is different" and "Each and every pregnancy body is different" So, never compare your pregnancy with anyone. - Shweta Sharma

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