Solution for  Vaginal Itching, Pain & Soreness After Delivery

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After childbirth, most women will experience down their itching, some pain, soreness, or swelling in the vagina area and perineum or perineal area. First let me tell you the perineum is the area that is below the pelvic between the legs -anus, and genitals, from where the baby comes out and after childbirth where you will suffer from pain. 

If you’re a mom-to-be then by this time you should be aware of Normal Delivery and C section Delivery. Just remember let it be Normal Delivery or C section Delivery, your goal should be healthy childbirth. Your baby should be delivered safely.

Know, What’s the Difference between Normal Delivery and C Section Delivery?

1. What is Normal Delivery?

Normal vaginal delivery is a vaginal delivery where in India most experts recommend for a vaginal delivery. If the pregnancy is healthy and whose babies have reached at least 37 weeks. If you are looking for Normal delivery, then time will take around 12 to 24 hours to deliver your baby Normally.  Let me be clear here a premature baby is delivered before 37 weeks during pregnancy. 

2. What is the C Section?

C-section (Cesarean delivery) it’s a surgical delivery, the baby delivered through cuts in the abdomen and uterus. As I say each pregnancy is different so, every woman’s situation is unique at the time of pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

For any pregnancy that is complicated or is unable to deliver by vaginally then C-section becomes important.  For if In case of Baby is too large to be delivered vaginally, in case of twin’s baby or multiples babies.

C-section delivery time will take around 15 to 20 minutes and 45 minutes needed to stitch up the uterus and abdominal cut. The stitches will get dissolve by themselves in a few weeks. So, after C-section will be in pain, you will feel soreness in the cut, and bleeding or discharge. You will face difficulty while urinating.  

Normal Delivery or Vaginal Birth Vs C-Section

Whereas vaginal delivery is a long process but the benefits of having a vaginal birth are that it has a shorter hospital stay with that less recovery time compared with a C-section. So, after normal delivery you will be in pain, you will feel soreness below their, and heavy bleeding. You will face difficulty while urinating. 

Whereas C-section delivery is a short-term process with a longer stay in the hospital. One may suffer from severe bleeding, scarring, infections, reactions to anesthesia, and more longer-lasting pain. So, after C-section will be in pain, you will feel soreness in the cut, and bleeding or discharge. You will face difficulty while urinating. 

I guess you can now compare the pain of Normal Delivery and C Section, both have their own way of pain. So, it’s all that you should be ready for any ups and downs when it comes to delivering your baby. Pain is going to be there you just have to be ready for the right decision to give birth.

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Postpartum Healing Tips 

For Frequent Peeing use Perineal Irrigation Bottle to avoid Urinary Infection and Vaginal Itching

Medline Cleansing Bottle By Shweta Sharma

1. What is Perineal Irrigation Bottle?

Perineal Irrigation Bottle is designed for new moms for the post-delivery healing process. To get relief from pain, to avoid urinary infection, to help avoid burning and it will also help the area to keep clean and dry. It will help you get relief from itching, pain, and soreness after Delivery.  

2. How to Use Perineal Irrigation Bottle?

You just have to fill the bottle with warm water and squeeze to clean and wash your perineal area. After the wash doesn’t rub, just pat dry gently with clean toilet paper. It has a little cap that is attached to the bottle.

Note – Perineal pain due to normal delivery or stitches could be painful for weeks. You can sit on a soft pillow.

3. You can buy Perineal Irrigation Bottle Online in India?

You can buy beforehand during the 7th or 8th-month pregnancy.

Perineal Irrigation Bottle is available online – Amazon, Firstcry, and Flipkart.  Check the Price

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Healing tips for Poop Problems after Giving Birth

Many new moms experience pain and the fear of pooping after giving birth to a baby. While pooping doesn’t force your body to poop because it can be very painful. And also let me tell you if you’re unable to poop it can lead to Constipation. So, eat fiber supplement foods with fruits and drink plenty of water to easily poop. You can also talk to your doctor for a medicated stool softener to ease it. So, this was a little solution from my end that will help you for sure.

After giving birth to a baby a new mom or say it as a new life to you is just going to be very beautiful. Your pains will just disappear with lovely moments. Each when time you will look at your baby you will feel this he or she is my lifeline. Your life will change into an amazing world.  I hope this article was helpful to you. See you in my next article.

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